March 1, 2011

#18 loser loser.maybe im not perfect enough.terutama tentang cinta.jiwang karat sat nah.tak mau baca hang pa off ini page.talking about love.ergh.if i want to tell about my story.i bet i will continue till next year.panjang nau ceritanya.tapi suitable word for loser like me is unpredictable.aku sendiri tak tahu ape yg aku akan buat pada today i hate you,but tomorrow i love and want you.fikiran berubah2.tiada pendirian.take not.tiada pendirian.sometimes i make a decision without a plan.if im sleepy that time.i will start talk nonsense.and it will end with divorce.and when i open my eyes.i bet that i will find you and didnt remember what happened yesterday.fucking shit right.haha.u can talk whatever u want lah.tak de hal.its normal if someone talk shit about me.because sometimes that is the truth.fuhh.berhabuk otak aku fikir masalah ni suma.but aku jugak yg timbulkan right.ape bole buat.dah nama pon qaiyyum.itu je lah masalahnya.perempuan perempuan perempuan.

i am loser