May 12, 2011

#44 Rawal Hamzah

dude,first of are the best.chill gilaks lah.but time always separate something.this sunday 15 may,kau akan pergi tinggalkan aku kan.actually aku tak tahu apa aku rasa.since habis sekolah.kita macam rapat semacam je.mana pergi aku akan ajak kau.tapi kau pergi berkhidmat untuk negara kan.hihi.i should let you.dah macam gf aku lak kau ni.but i really will miss you lah bie.haha.nanti kau balik kita ronggeng lagi lah okay.hope you will fine there.and kepada semua yang kena NS.GOODLUCK.peace dude.






April 24, 2011

#43 smile behind the tears.

maybe now i still stand here with a smile on my face. but you also smile happy. look like nothing happen. yeah yeah yeah. it my fault. hope you get new soon. don't type like you sad if you smile when you type. and for me. i'll face all this problem easily.
#42 Relation Will Never Find Success

april 24 two zero eleven. I'm single now. thanks for the joy for all this three months one weeks and six days. this is all my fault i know. sorry for the pain that i give to you. break is the decision that you choose. hope you will happy. don't you ever think that i hate you. take care.

gone. say hello to goodbye.