April 24, 2011

#43 smile behind the tears.

maybe now i still stand here with a smile on my face. but you also smile happy. look like nothing happen. yeah yeah yeah. it my fault. hope you get new soon. don't type like you sad if you smile when you type. and for me. i'll face all this problem easily.
#42 Relation Will Never Find Success

april 24 two zero eleven. I'm single now. thanks for the joy for all this three months one weeks and six days. this is all my fault i know. sorry for the pain that i give to you. break is the decision that you choose. hope you will happy. don't you ever think that i hate you. take care.

gone. say hello to goodbye.

April 18, 2011

#41 Hot Drag

here's some of the picture captured at this event.

captured by EHSAN

captured by EHSAN

captured by EHSAN

wak ngau. jangan marah. nak upload gambar kau tapi lama gile lah siak. dari pukul 2 tadi aku upload post ni.baru sekarang tiga gambar. geram betol aku blogger ni. hihihi. maaf ye.

P/S:enjoy this moment even penat,panas,dan lapar !

April 15, 2011

#40 The Past

everyday life will be more complicated to us. we are no longer in our past time which i think is more easier than now. mistaken keep accompany me. i try to solve this problem but it become more complicated and more difficult. the true is. i miss my sweet past time. friends in my past. and all things in my past. but i can turn back the clock to the past. so i still stand here until i reach my happiness with you.

April 11, 2011

#39 Three

Hey NSH. Three months right. I wish we will stay together forever. :)

p/s: iloveyou.

April 8, 2011

#38 Trust

i wish you are there to trust me and take a good care of my heart. but you are not. all i want you to know is, i'll do the things that you think.

April 7, 2011