January 28, 2011

#4 i need your attention mom.

mom.its been 4 days you didn't talk to me.hm.i really didn't mean to hurt you mom.i really miss the word that come from your mouth.your touch at my skin.and your joke that make me smiling.is there anything that i can do to get back your attention?i will do it no matter what risk that i have to take.i will do just to get back your smiling and your attention towards me.i really need you mommy. :")

January 26, 2011

#3 .im useless if i lost you.

hey.the moment is here.i will lost you.hm.the truth is i didnt mean to hurt you.i admit that i love you but we didnt mean together.now,you had already hate me and maybe its hard for me to get close to you.i cant stop you dear because i know you wont stop from your decision.i will always remember you.take care and if anything please call me.i always here for you.
#2 FUN like this

ergh!bila lah nak dapat duit ni.first things yang aku teringin sgat nak buat is skating.tah betol ke tak aku eja pon aku tak tahu.haha.just want to try somthing new.asyik duduk je rumah tak de buat ape.baik kalau aku ada duit beli skate.bole isi masa lapang kan.belajar2 sikit.then boleh nganjing budak budak.haha.tapi duit tah bila lah nak dapat.kerja pon tak.cepat cepat lah dapat lesen.boleh aku pegi mohon kerja.skate skate skate.hm.

January 25, 2011


welcome.ayat pertama untuk semua.haha.tiba-tiba rasa nak berblogging balik.so aku buat account baru untuk a new story.maybe busan.tapi itu lah yang aku rasa. :)