February 28, 2011

#16 -_-

today is the most boring day.beratur berjam jam untuk bayar saman.sesak nak mampuih.paling tak panas kan.haha.but have some fun dgan ameer iskandar dan syakir.

p/s:blank.takde idea.and fyi.imy nurul syamimi binti hussin. :(

February 27, 2011

#15 super away.

boy:hey you.
boy:yeah.its you.come here for a while.
girl:yes,what can i do for you.
boy:nothing.just want to ask.do you still remember me?
girl:hurm,maybe yes and maybe not.
boy:you had been away for just three months.and now you don't remember me?
girl:oh.its you.sorry.i just hate to remember you.
boy:oh i see.anything just call me.you look different btw.bye.
girl:bye.see you around.

bongok.kalau kau balik kau dah tak ingat aku.aku sumpah kau jadi katak kau tahu.haha.dah jadi wirawati negara sekarang ye.mst lagi kuat kan.haha.cepat lah balik ye wirawati.

p/s:i miss the way you smile,lepak tepi laut,and the most important is makan MCD ! haha. xD see yarh.

February 26, 2011

#14 its normal.

hey peeps,kenapa perempuan suka lelaki?i means see other guys but at the same time she has a bf.maybe lagi FUNNN.or maybe tu dah memang normal bagi orang itu.for me that woman is sick.tak de perempuan ke nak lepak?tak pelah.its normal for this zaman maju kan.just accept it. xD
#13 looking for a perfect life.

hello readers,today topic is about life.maybe some of you think that life is such a wonderful time.maybe it is the truth.but not all of us had that cute moment.haha.broken English of course.life sometimes can be same as my broken English.mistake,not perfect,not easy,and hard to take.normal lah babe in our life.everything is like 'ouch!fucking bored this day!' 'ergh,why i had a crash life' and the most popular is 'hm,if i know.confirm i tak bercinta' haha. tak masuk right.and life cannot be the same from first to last.sometimes kita kat bawah.sometimes kita kat nun jauh di atas.accept the fate that had been given.Allah is perfect.he knows what is good for us.ergh.now i kena out.nak beli santan.see yarh in next post.peace. xD

p/s:Allah syg kita.sebab tu dia bagi kita dugaan.terutama untuk adik sy yg sedang dlam mslah.chill. :)

February 25, 2011

#12 attraction.

syg,i like to see you wearing this skirt.haha.i still admiring ladies who wear this skirt till now.look so charming for me.'ayu' gitu.haha. xD

February 24, 2011

#11 just a fine morning.

can anybody buy this things for me. xD bangun je pagi pagi teringat benda haram jadah ni.ada yang rela diri nak beli kan aku beda ini tak?haha.

p/s:mom,i want 100 packet of this things pleaseeee. xDD

February 23, 2011

#10 i miss my SCHOOL.

ergh.kenapa aku harus habis sekolah terlalu awal?tak de lagi erti fly,lepak satu table,ponteng,geli2.kenapa lah school lide terlalu pendek.dulu time sekolah sibuk nak habis. sekarang dah rindu lak.kenyataan.hm. here is the memories.

.spend time together.

.snaping picture together.

.have fun together.

p/s:i miss all that moment and tak kan pernah lupa lah sial.haha.peace for high school malacca boys.
#9 girls will always be girls.

hello blogger.just a minute ago i've been attacked by this kind girl who think that her friend is perfect and never play cheat on me.hey girls.think before you talk.see the past.and see the attitude of your friend.rascal!bullshit.what is your point actually?you want to tell everyone that our relationship is broken by me?thank god if you didn't have any point like that.and you are also not perfect enough to talk bullshit about me.so mind your word.think before you talk.peace. xD

#8 AIRYN LOWE sengal.

airyn:heheh! t aku nk pizza aw..xD wehh, bgun.. g amek result jap g.(pagi2 dah msg)
kolip:aku nk prosperities. DOUBLE ! result bkn kuar hari ni.haha.
airyn:heheh! bek ko g skola skng, n gtau yg lain2 dlu beb.(cyy aku tgok airyn ni)

p/s:ape pon jadi aku tetap nak double prosperties.sebab kau SALAH ! hahaha.and kalo betol pizza postpone tahun depan.bhahaha.

February 22, 2011

#7 my RIBENA

i miss your lips syg.your touch.and your smile.ily lah fucker. xDD

#6 hey! you guys are ROCK

dengan korang boleh buat ape je kita NAK.

dengan korang tak perlu COVER.

p/s:iloveyou friend. xD

#5 hey friends,

i wish we all wont forget each others.i miss you guys a lot.sorry for any mistake.