March 29, 2011

#36 i <3 it

one oreo blog please. 'coklat eh kak'. ;D

March 26, 2011

#35 one

scream my lungs out and try to get to you !

you are my only,my only one.
i miss you.
just the way you are.
i love you.
i need you.

.nurul syamimi binti hussin.

March 23, 2011

# 34 this is life

yeahh. result spm dah pon keluar.macam macam perasaan aku tengah rasa sekarang ni.kecewa,gugur jantung,and semua semua result sgat lah terok.just 1A je.JE !sgat mengecewakan.tapi kehidupan harus diteruskan kan.benda yang dah lepas biar berlalu.tak bole nak undur masa semua.ini adalah jalan yang spm candidates betol betol.bertahun sekolah try cipta kejayaan.jangan nanti result dah keluar baru nak sedih segala bagai.tak guna dah masa tu.try to make your parents cry for your succeed.not failure like me.ape pon jadi.kita kena tempuh.pagi pagi tadi bangun je dah dengar fadhilah kamsah ckap.biasanya jutawan tu datangnya dari orang yang gagal spm.naik sikit semangat bila ingat balik.and nasihat from N.masuk universiti nanti study betol2.universiti and sekolah banyak beza cara belajar. thank you.and need to down down down down. diakhiri dengan HAHA.

March 22, 2011

#33 dream.

i wish i could have one of this things like they do. i dream about it even i'm cool when they talk about are my dream. ;DD
# 32 destiny

tomorrow is the day. bapak gila takot sial. aku tak nak angkat result bole tak? god please help me.i think i cant handle this day.march, will be the most memorable day.

March 20, 2011

#31 N S H

you are the other half of me.iloveyou.

Hey you. i really really miss you. i bet you don't know how i feel right now. and believe me. i'm yours !

March 15, 2011

#30 :')

i cant be PERFECT. that's true.
#29 rest in peace

five years in school and we always scared to hear your name. Ravi. march fourteen. you are gone with all the memories. may god bless you sir. thank you so much for all the advise. you are cool and that is truth ! Al-Fatihah for our sir Ravi. :'))

March 13, 2011

#28 home

i know you are happy to be at home. welcome back CAPIK. i'm glad you are here.

March 11, 2011

# 27 word

Life is enjoyable,rock,happy,sad,lonely,love,betrayed,fight,care,hot,cool,and together.
#26 N S H

Nurul Syamimi Binti Hussin.Its two months already we have been together.Thank you for being mine for all this time.I love you.Happy Monthlysary. ;'))

March 9, 2011

#25 0242

when others busy partying,hang out,midnight movies. tomorrow i was like 'wow,fantastic dude.' 'i bet it was the best time.' don't ask me where am i last night. off course atas katil tido lah. cant go out lah. and tonight. cant sleep. bored.

March 7, 2011

#24 result.

hate when they ask, 'result keluar bila?' paling takot,gemuruh,cuak,dan suma lah.

March 4, 2011

#23 silent readers.

terima kasih kepada sesiapa yang membaca.tak kira lah niat untuk menganjing,mengucing,mentenuk dan sebagainya.tapi terima kasih kerana membaca.bukan senang nak suruh orang baca blog laki kan.terima kasih. xD

March 3, 2011

#22 oh am gee

title nak gedik.xD

dear,i really miss mind is blur when you go far apart.fucking bored when you gone to school.cepat cepat lah 18 syg.haha.i miss you.swear ! :')
#21 not that easy is not easy.please take a note.not easy to forget about you.

p/s:sorry.i couldn't reach our target.because you are too complicated to understand.i am sorry.but i still remember about everything.

March 2, 2011

#20 wish

being an adult is not easy for me.problem is comes in every direction.and i am not strong enough for this problem.sometime i wish that i can turn the clock and back to must be fun.just play and play.ask whatever i want.and if parents did not give it.just cry and cry.but still the most wonderful time in my life.happy.doesn't have to think an example.when adult,must think about 'mcm mana nak dapat duit?' 'nak sambung study cos ape?'
'mcm mana nak selesaikan problem ni?' too many question playing on mind.and that's sucks!please.i want my child time again.being adult is not easy.

p/s:broken what's my blog.ske hati aku lah. -_-''

March 1, 2011

#19 short time.

now kita cerita tentang this girl.tu yg kat atas tu.bhaha.first of all.dia ni macam ye ye.pom sana pom sini.tapi tak lama.sama je kitorg.5 pg smlm break.dia balik sekolah je dah cple blik.bagai nak mati nangis.tapi break tak lama pon.kalo tgok post bwah ni.for 1st march pnya.suma cyy bout break.nevermind.still my lover right ribena?i syg u lah bie.dont you worry.sometimes je pressure sebab kedegilan you tu.fuhh.anyway,thanks because always there when i need you nyah.iloveyou lah nyonya.

p/s:i don't care what people want to say.i will love you without an excuse.
#18 loser loser.maybe im not perfect enough.terutama tentang cinta.jiwang karat sat nah.tak mau baca hang pa off ini page.talking about love.ergh.if i want to tell about my story.i bet i will continue till next year.panjang nau ceritanya.tapi suitable word for loser like me is unpredictable.aku sendiri tak tahu ape yg aku akan buat pada today i hate you,but tomorrow i love and want you.fikiran berubah2.tiada pendirian.take not.tiada pendirian.sometimes i make a decision without a plan.if im sleepy that time.i will start talk nonsense.and it will end with divorce.and when i open my eyes.i bet that i will find you and didnt remember what happened yesterday.fucking shit right.haha.u can talk whatever u want lah.tak de hal.its normal if someone talk shit about me.because sometimes that is the truth.fuhh.berhabuk otak aku fikir masalah ni suma.but aku jugak yg timbulkan right.ape bole buat.dah nama pon qaiyyum.itu je lah masalahnya.perempuan perempuan perempuan.

i am loser
#17 i am the most stupid person in this world.

march 1 is here and im no longer in a there anything that i can do to pull back all my words?she just a girl men.why did all this happen to her?why did you break up with her?and the answer is Qaiyyum Azrii is the most bodoh person in this world.yeah.that's true.mulut ni memang mcm haram jadah.tak reti jaga hati org.and never appreciate people.again im so sorry mimie hussin.hope you read this. :(

p/s:i still love you.