February 26, 2011

#13 looking for a perfect life.

hello readers,today topic is about life.maybe some of you think that life is such a wonderful time.maybe it is the truth.but not all of us had that cute moment.haha.broken English of course.life sometimes can be same as my broken English.mistake,not perfect,not easy,and hard to take.normal lah babe in our life.everything is like 'ouch!fucking bored this day!' 'ergh,why i had a crash life' and the most popular is 'hm,if i know.confirm i tak bercinta' haha. tak masuk right.and life cannot be the same from first to last.sometimes kita kat bawah.sometimes kita kat nun jauh di atas.accept the fate that had been given.Allah is perfect.he knows what is good for us.ergh.now i kena out.nak beli santan.see yarh in next post.peace. xD

p/s:Allah syg kita.sebab tu dia bagi kita dugaan.terutama untuk adik sy yg sedang dlam mslah.chill. :)